Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's your Raashee?

Possessive? Check. Sometimes jealous? Check. Moody? Check. Inexpressive? Double check. And you've just been introduced to a Scorpio or as I would like to put it, me! I'm sure I don't hate myself, I pretty much top the list of my favorite people. I remember telling my best friend one evening that there are only few people who can manage to claw their nails and crawl into my life without me minding it. She's surely one of those privileged people. Why? Well, she's a Piscean! Not that there's nothing else good about her that make me like her but I know I have this amazing chemistry with every Piscean I know, chemistry as good as that of Rakhi Sawant and controversy! (bad example, but you sure get the drift) How uncanny a coincidence can it be that the people I'm closest to are all Pisceans! Call me cynical or way too astrologically bent but I totally swear by the amazing Scorpio-Pisces chemistry! It's a straight 10/10 pair. There's absolutely nothing that can go wrong between me and a Piscean. I think I've almost figured out why things between me and a Piscean friend work out so bloody well. For starters, Pisceans and even Cancerians are the most sensitive people I know. You know you can always cry your woes in front of a Piscean and they'll be all ears. Even an inexpressive person like me wouldn't think once before confiding into the trustworthy and comforting Piscean. Another reason why I love them? They're never judgmental. Never. I can tell any of my Piscean friends anything, be it about my bitchiness, my nastiness, guilt or simply a mood swing and I know I would meet a reaction like "That's okay. You'll have it all figured."Another thing I truly admire about Pisceans is their capacity to love. While the Piscean men or rather man I know might be a quiet and shy soul but is indeed a great friend with whom I quite predictably share an amazing rapport, the ladies are mushy and how. Be it cooking for their men or sharing friendship bracelets with me, they sure know how to keep people around them happy, especially the people they love. Now, most girls wish to have a gay best friend most of the times, I'm happy to have my precious bunch of Piscean friends.
Before I end this, let's get some perspective people. I do have people in my life I love dearly and they are NOT Pisceans! So if you're my friend and not a Piscean, don't worry, I still love you*wink*. As far as my Piscean friends are concerned, stick with me till the end :