Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Those priceless things called memories!

Just about two hours back before I began writing this post, I was in one of those moments where all you want to do is sit with a huge tub of ice-cream, plug in your headphones and face the blues. Someone like me, for whom mood swings are the commonest affair, needs to resort to books like The Secret once in a while for that little pep-up session and motivation. Just as I was done browsing my cupboard for the book, I happened to stumble upon my school slam book and thank God!

Though I’ve been contemplating to write something about my school life for ages now, I guess it had to be this very moment. As they say, when it’s right, it’s right. I passed out from school 3 years back, yet I won’t have a hard time in remembering each and exactly every event I experienced in school. We all left school with the promise that we’ll stay in touch. Let’s face it, doesn’t quite happen all the time. Coming out of school is no less than a butterfly shedding its cocoon. All of a sudden I felt thrown into this huge world. Honestly, I was quite aware what I wanted to do next and had it all planned, college seemed like a whole new adventure. It sure was but a year of college passed and then struck me the realization that there’s nothing that can match up to the school days. Moments like these when I chance upon reading my slam books, year books or stumble upon old images uploaded by my school friends on Facebook is when I realize what we’ve come to. My school life was nothing like the high school movies we have, it was so much more! When I think about all the drama, the gossip and the fights I’ve had in school, I can’t help but simply laugh about it. Also, I wonder why I came up with the comebacks I used during my school days. It’s ironic. When I was in school, being linked up to guys who you didn’t even have a crush on and being teased in the tackiest and cheesiest of ways was one of the major issues of your life. Now when I think about it, all I can do is laugh and say “What were we thinking?” New academic year at school meant new crush, new books, new schoolbag, new teachers and a new YOU! Come 8th grade and all of a sudden, you’re grown up. I remember all the girls gathering in one washroom during the breaks just to dab on the kohl pencils and lip gloss. Those well-spent two minutes in the washroom would actually make us girls feel like divas! Now, all I can say is “School uniforms, two plaits and all that vanity? What were we thinking?” Personally, I don’t think there’s one person from my school I can hate. When you pass out from school, you realize that life’s too short to for hating that many people and before you know it, you’re dying to get a glimpse of those very people from your school. It’s not an easy thing to leave a place where you did most of your first things like the first swear word you mouthed, first crush, first boyfriend, first camping trip, the first time you held a pen and so much more! We all have that one teacher we feel always bears a grudge on us. But it is very likely that during the school farewell, you click the maximum amount of pictures with that teacher and also happen to miss her the most!

All of us wonder what we were thinking while we did all those silly things in school. Well, we weren’t thinking anything! It was simply not required. How else would we have moments like these? Moments like these are what memories are made of. I thought about all these moments and it took me no time to smile and be myself again. I figured why I should depend on Rhonda Bryne to tell me what to do when I’m low if I have more than 1000 people who can show me the path without even asking me to do anything.


  1. You actually reminded me of my school days. and the fact that those were the best days of my life, come what may!

  2. A tear trickled down my eye!
    I miss school!;(