Sunday, May 13, 2012

The happy ending

 It was never going to be an ordinary day. She woke up when the sunlight peeped into her room from the curtains through her window. The sun rose at the same time it rose everyday. The light fell in her room exactly the same way it fell everyday through the same window. Nothing about her room or her had changed. She woke up at the exact same time she woke up every day. But today was different. Today was going to change her life forever.
Even before she’d hardly woken up she felt butterflies in her stomach. Her heartbeat had never been this fast. Blood was rushing through her veins faster than it usually did. There was a slight smile on her face, with a hint of nervousness as she blushed. She blushed even more when she read a text message from the love of her life. It read “Today is the day. Are you ready?” accompanied with a cute emoticon. Hardly anytime after she was ready, she was hounded by all her friends and family, congratulating her, teasing her, some giving her little words of wisdom while some simply wishing her luck and happiness. She had to look the best today. Nobody could steal her thunder. Nobody in the house had the time to sit even for a minute. The women wore the priciest clothes and jewellery while the men made sure the flowers and lights were exactly where they were supposed to be put. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, she looked like a lost puppy. Not any longer, her female friends took her to her room where all the women where waiting to dress the lady in red. The costliest ornaments were lying on the bed, waiting to shine on her hands that smelt of Mehendi.
Exactly two hours were left before THEY arrived. Her eyes were set on the clock, as she sat in front of the mirror. Beyond the music and dance, the cheerfulness and pomp sat her parents, getting nostalgic about their little daughter, realizing how soon she’d grown up.
The moment finally arrived, the very moment that made the day unordinary. As she walked towards the love of her life, he couldn’t get his eyes off her. He patiently looked at her as she walked. He knew she was going to be his, forever. She was going to be his wife.  Exactly after 7 rounds around the Sacred Fire and exchanging of vows, she looked into his eyes while he tied the Mangalasutra around her neck. They were now in a relationship that would last till eternity. Happy about her new and lifelong union but equally grieved about leaving the side of her parents, she hugged them as tears flowed down their cheeks. Moments later, she sat in her ride with her man to accompany him to a land away from hers. This was the day she’d never forget for she always knew that this was never going to be an ordinary day.
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  1. And she lived happily ever after :P

  2. Awesome choice of words and beautiful portrayal of the feelings!

  3. Your description of every woman's dream day was spot on and I loved the little bits of emotion you wrote into the story. Very real!
    Best of luck with the competition.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it :)This is definitely one of the best compliments I've received.

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