Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don’t we all just love Auto Rickshaws?

Meter jams, Rickshaw strikes, hole in the pocket, pricey Rickshawalas? Yes, we’ve all been there and gone through that. Rickshaws are as much a part of Mumbai roads, as are potholes. Love them, hate them, we all know we can’t ignore them!

Not one Mumbaikar has been spared of even a single encounter with our dearest Rickshawalas! I remember stomping my feet after stepping out of the Rickshaw when a grumpy old Rickshawala kicked me and my friend out for (as he put it) too much ‘Chillam chilli ‘( who wouldn’t scream after coming across a hoarding which read ‘Sale at Mango’ ?!)

My Rickshaw encounters are plenty, be it being kicked out, picking up a fight with the Rickshawala or sitting through an idiotic Rickshawala’s conscious attempts to kick start a conversation(No, Rickshawalas don’t hit on me)

But at the end of the day don’t we just love Rickshaws??? Honest opinion, who does not enjoy seeing Rickshawalas get into fights and hurl abuses at each other, use unheard cuss words, the kind of words our parents struggled our entire childhood to keep us away from? Do you not enjoy coming across a couple getting ‘up, close and personal’ in the Rickshaw right next to yours? Well, I do.

We criticise them, we miss them, we hate them, we need them. The fact remains that Rickshaws are here to stay!


  1. No, they irritate,.. or may be u love them since u don't seem to happen to running late all the time evrywhere :P

  2. Naah... I'm always running late :P And I hate them too!

  3. Been there done that, Love rickshaws!