Thursday, October 20, 2011

Give me a break!

This one’s for all the ladies!

Do we really have to know how to cook? How about mothers dragging their sons to the kitchen when they reach their, well, err… Justin Bieber stage?! It’s high time Moms, start teaching your boys to cook as well, or at least educate them to get rich enough when they grow to be able order food from a restaurant everyday! Give the ladies a break!

No, having a boyfriend or a husband is NOT the most important thing in the world. Just because I’m single does NOT mean I’m a lesbian, or there’s something wrong with my hormones! Maybe I’m a lady who prioritizes her career, maybe I’m just tired of commitment phobic, two timing men around me or maybe I JUST WANT TO BE SINGLE! Give me a break, like seriously.

So, your wife HAS to be a virgin while you can get all the action you want before marriage? Dear ‘I’m a typical male chauvinist pig’, trying finding your brain in the same trash can from where your parents picked you up and took you home. Or maybe you can ask your ‘Mummy’ to find you the perfect bride ‘Fair. Convent educated. Working and not to forget VIRGIN.’ Practice what you preach and if you can’t, then give me a break!

Domestic violence? How about we start hitting men back? If you have belts, we have ‘Belans’ , if you have ‘Jhaapad’ we have ‘Mirchi ka powder’! We’re armed and fabulous and can sure kick some a** ! If you think girls are biologically inferior? Then please , give me a break!

Just because I flirt, does not mean I want to date you! Girls can flirt too! That’s right, you heard it! Marriage and long-term relationships are not the only things we think about. So honey, don’t flatter yourself and GIVE ME A BREAK!

p.s The following post has nothing to do with any person dead or alive.Any resemblance is unintentional... or maybe not! :P


  1. RoFl'O'Lol !
    Sahi Yaar Yaar <3

    Dieing Laughing Rolling On Floor'z !! :D =)) ;))
    Keep Posting Such Stuff ..!!

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  3. It's a little crazy, but thanks a bunch :D

  4. Ey, Female chauvinistic Bitch :P .. Take a break :P :P ...u make me wonder if all the specie of my gender are so bad :O :O ..!!

  5. Hahaha! No No :P I guess I just overdid it in this one!!

  6. ahem! a few of us can cook a some dishes.

    "or at least educate them to get rich enough when they grow to be able order food from a restaurant everyday! Give the ladies a break!"

    I do not agree with your suggestion, to be fair and very honest it is guys who are expected to primarily support their family financially.
    And they do try their level best irrespective of their qualifications, be it a post grad from the IIM's or a very under qualified person.

    on the contrary i believe it is the girls who have unrealistic expectations from their future husbands to be very rich so that they can provide the girls with enough money to enjoy their post married life to the fullest.

    a girl would any day choose a rich guy irrespective of how he looks or how he is as a person.

    why doesn't the girl think "this guy is my age or well only a few years older. no matter what sex we are, we both are on par in smartness. so why not i get qualified enough and give him all the support i can. And not just expect to marry a rich guy or curse him all my life to not having the power to provide me what my father has been since all these years"

    the part of a girl being single, yes agreed. the career oriented thing u said.. agreed.

    yeah violence is just not tolerable. a girl shouldn't sit quiet. do the same what he does.

  7. well I agree with the whole post to a great extent, but I also believe that not all men are like that. But for those men out there who ARE like what you have mentioned, this one is a great *door in their face* sort off article. :) Nice read.

  8. One.
    Reach Justin Bieber stage?
    What's that?:/
    About cooking,best chef in the world are men!I cook too:p
    I hope this is your opinion about just a part of the crowd!Because it's not all who are like this!